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Yesterday was the jazz concert at Lincoln center and it was awesome, i swear it was like taking a step back into the twenties. For some reason i kept thinking to myself, "This is probably the kind of music Jay Gatsby had at his parties." Yes, i said a Gatsby reference, i'm a dork. Anyways, the first hour we hear the top three national high school jazz bands play, and holy shit they were good, seriously. I liked the first and third band that played, i wasn't too thrilled about the second group, i guess it was their sound.

Then there was a fifteen minute break, and finally the Lincoln Center jazz band played and oh...my...goodness... just WOW. Sure these guys have been playing all their lives, but dude it's amazing when you hear actual talent like that. And i finally got to hear the clarinet being used by a professional and not having it to be butchered, i fell in love with music all over again, and when i walked out of there i was just left feeling awestruck and amazed at the art and talent that is involved when it comes to music and what a wonderful thing it is, and the deep apreciation you feel for it afterwards, i'd forgotten why i loved music in the first place, but this? it helped me realized what i had taken for granted.

Yes i gush like a total music nerd throught the whole thing, and the constant Great Gatsby references kept coming to me whenever the bands played something easy and calm, like what Gatsby and Daisy would had danced to at one of his parties. But that's over now, now i have to focus back on school and just guh... it's not fair that everything is going to be due this month.

Anyways, i didn't end up coming back at 10:45 p.m. pfff and on our short ride through Columbus Circle and Time Square i counted at least six Starbucks.

And on our way to the concert we passed by freaking Julliards. And the New York City Ballet theater was right in front of the Avery Fisher hall (that's where the concert was at) man...if i only had the money i'd probably go to New York and see a show every weekend, i swear it's just not fair that i only live ten minutes away from the Manhattan, the place where all of this art and performances is located, things that i LOVE and yet i'm broke, can't go to the shows i want unless i sit in the nosebleed seats and ew, why waste money on that? *sighs* i swear if you're into the arts, live right next to New York, but you don't have money, that's not a good combination.

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