Feb. 2nd, 2009


Feb. 2nd, 2009 02:37 pm
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 So, after my mother literally tackled her way into my room to ask why the fuck i was still up at two a.m. finishing my research paper (i wasn't goinh to be stupid enough to tell her that i had a month to get this paper done and my procrastination made me do it at the last minute) yeah, so i've pretty much slept four hours and feel, for a better lack of a word, high. don't know why, maybe the lack of sleep and coffee abuse aren't a good combo, but eh at least i haven't been feeling cranky (can't say the same for Vee though, she seemed peeved) 

But i'm glad i got my paper over with--for now. 

and my headphones are getting screwed up, not cool since i can't afford to buy new ones right now, god i'm so broke i hate it. but i'll live? right. of course i will. 

yeah, posting this in the middle of the afternoon waiting seven minutes for class to end doesn't help on bit. 

guh, before i forget, my Gatsby project is due this Friday and i have yet to find a song for Tom and Jordan. *sighs* i just don't have abusive and emotionally distant music in my playlist. SO ANY HELP?? 

ooh and the weather outside is great, it so warm it a real reliefe, but now i have to lug home my coat, darn. 


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