May. 12th, 2009

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Just, i swear words cannot express how badly i want to see this. The film is called Little Ashes and it's a film dipicting the lives of Federico Garcia Lorca (writer), Salvador Dali (painter) and Luis Bunel (film maker). Aside from Garcia Marquez and Dario, i love the works of Garcia Lorca (his poems, holy crap, awesome is all i can say Here's one of this poems, it's in spanish, there are translated ones, but they don't do it justice) and his life in general is very interesting. He spoke against facist Spain, his works were banned because of it and it ended up being the reason of his death and you know what it's about damn time this man got the recongnition he deserves. Anyways, Little Ashes is a biopic about his life and the "speculation" between him and painter Salvador Dali. Mind you there is no real confimation that Dali and he had a sexual relationship together, Dali denies that. But you don't know what people do behind close doors. Anyways, how fucking badly i want to see this film is insane, and the fact that it's an indie film that's been only released in the UK and in three theaters here in New York (i have no hope in seeing that film, how awkward would that be to bring my mom to movie about two men and their sexuality--no thank you) So, yeah, this is still very surreal to me, and the fact that now my brain is plagued with the "did it or did it happen?" between them, oh wells i guess i'm going to have to do my own research then? xD Anyways, enough of my blabbing, here's the trailer:.trailer under cut to spare the eyes )


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