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the charger on my computer has died.

and that pretty much resulted in me having anxieties attacks for two days.


tomorrow my research paper is due. you know i have all the information, but my problem is that i don't know how to put if together. nice~

i need my computer to be functioning so i can do my Gatsy project. i have yet to find a song fo Tom and Jordan

so yesterday my mom and i went out to electronic stores to see if i can find a new recharger. well i did, but they're expensive, holy crap but what can i do? make my dad buy me a new lab top? (well i could since they're freaking cheap as hell now thanks to the economy) but i think they'll buy me a new recharger next week, since no bills are due then.


right now, my recharger has had a bit of mercy and is working, but i don;t know for how long and i don't want to risk it, so i'm getting a new one anyways--i should since its three years old the wires are poking out of it, omg.

Oh and the stress is making me break out, why why why why? i really don't need this right now and i'm just so frazzled that i'm pretty sure that at any moment i can burst into tears like i almost did friday afternoon, along with the hyperventalation.

EDIT: it's 8:10 p.m. and i've made my intro paragraph...that only took four hours lols.
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