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<____<;;; why is it that when you're looking for something that you need, you end up finding 50 other stuff that you don't need at the moment?
*sighs* since i only have four more chapters left to finish the Hemingway book, i thought i'd get organized and actually use my calander for something other that sqribbling "wheee its Friday!"
So everything is set, all of my tasks have been Post-It 'ed on my calandar and i'm good to go.
Not really. I have absolutely no clue where that short story that we had to read is! <___<'''' i know its in my room~but just no idea where >.< and i know if i don't find it, i'm going to be freaking out about it.

so far i've found a lost packet of Post-Its, a laundry bag, my old history folder from Freshman year, pens, a bag, and a tiny bottle of perfume. *sighs* DOES IT LOOK LIKE I NEED ANY OF THAT STUFF RIGHT NOW?!??!!?



Jul. 20th, 2008 11:09 pm
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i don't want to go to work tomorrow :/ 
when the hell am i going to get paid i already know, but i can't help but complain 
This month is almost over---lovely :/ 
Did i mention i don't want to go to work tomorrow? 

I'll stop complaining now and go to bed, read manga, watch t.v. continue to do nothing~
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whatever was left of my pitiful little brain. DIED. *sighs* so on Thursdays and Fridays i have to go to work half hour early, so when i get there i think "Okay~ since the classes are almost done for the summer, it will be an easy day," no sweat. just hang out and answer the phones. Big woop. 
*agitated* but.......one of the head guys there asked me if i was doing thing (i was sitting on the front desk~popping gum and staring at the wall----what do you think?) so he gave me some papers to staple to files, fill out the information and put in the application. 
I didn't mind since hey, that's what i'm getting paid for. but, i started at 11:30 and holy shit....it's endless. i sat there for four hours doing nothing but filling out info and organizing the application--just sitting there, staring at an endless pile of papers that *whines* gad i must had seen the same paper at least seven times <.<:;; so far i think i got 140-ish files done (ballpark number) and i still have 24 more files to do tomorrow since i couldnt get them done. And when i finish those lovely 140+ files guess who's going to have to file them in order-----yep that's right. Me. Again. <.<;;;;; 
*sighs* what a convenitent time for the girl that works the morning shift not to show up to the office anymore~i'm pretty sure they would had put her to do half of the filing at least---but nope. She's not going come to work anymore. *grumbles* so i'm stuck doing everything. 
And on top of all that~~hearing this other worker there COMPLAIN about the price of egg while i was resisiting the urge to stab my pen throuhg my eye to end my misery, SHE KEPT COMPLAINING! LIKE I NEED TO HEAR THAT WHEN I HAVE ALL OF THAT SHIT LOAD OF PAPERS TO DO!? >.<;;; *sighs* I was drained, seriously. Oh~ since the girl that works the morning shift won't show up anymore, there's a possibility that they're going to want to take her place. well, the extra hours sound tempting (shit, they better!) but i'll have to be there at  8a.m. and leave at 3:30---eight hour work day~~damn should i say yes? (the reason why i got the noon shift was so i could sleep in---but the months will be over soon~so it wont be a huge sacrafice) :/

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I'm bored. 

I've been bored since...well this morning. *yawn* and my insomnia is getting worse -___-;;; i've only had five hours of sleep~ i'm a bit grumpy and bored....*sighs* 
*groans* There's a lot more stuff that happened today ie; work related stuff and something vee-san would love to hear i've already told her and she laughed about it. 

-___-;;; whoa....I do not have the brain power to continue with this...i'm feeling so "bleh" and....just bored.  

F-list, sorry that i've wasted your space with this sorry excuse of a post <___<;;; just so bored


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