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XDDD yes it took me a while, but baby i found a "Drunk" icon that i liked. and yeah yeah it has Dean in it, i didn't get this icon for him though, but for the text. Hahah the drunk.

Now i have to force my frozen fingers to type my essay due tomorrow damnit! But shiit its cold ;A;

EDIT: (four hours later) So...i did my hair? wow. really exciting, but damnit Lidz sit your ass down and finish your paper! T^T
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I clearly have no life (and RL is just boring) so snagged this from [profile] daydreamer64 


Jul. 22nd, 2008 11:43 pm
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I'm bored:

Pick six things you want to ask me, or know about me/my life/my fandoms and then post this so I can ask you things, too!  

--don't be shy F-list. (Does DD-chan need to respond to this?)

(6 hours later) neh~ i'm to lazy to be answering questions :/ should be getting for work though!
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* work is going by fast----and boring
* Yays! there was actual breeze today! :D damn you heatwave!
* Hmm---a girl who's only five or so years older than me told me to never get married o_O;; uh...thanks for the advise?

neh~ not much else happened (it's only Tuesday <_<::) oh and it's official--i'm going to be an aunt. .____.;;; i'll probably be the aunt who will only visit once every five years (like i already do) and spoil the little tots ^___^;;; it's not like they'll be my kids.


Jul. 20th, 2008 11:09 pm
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i don't want to go to work tomorrow :/ 
when the hell am i going to get paid i already know, but i can't help but complain 
This month is almost over---lovely :/ 
Did i mention i don't want to go to work tomorrow? 

I'll stop complaining now and go to bed, read manga, watch t.v. continue to do nothing~
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1. What icon have you had since the very begining of your LJ account and refuse to change?

2. An icon that has a double meaning?

3. An icon you wouldn't usually have, but keep it anyways.

4. Inside joke

5. Icon you'll plan to use in the near feature.

6. Your choice.

***Tag three people on your F-list to do the same***

***Uh who ever whats to do it~~but the people that I talk to the most on LJ, please take this and share in my brainless waste of time ;D
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I'm bored. 

I've been bored since...well this morning. *yawn* and my insomnia is getting worse -___-;;; i've only had five hours of sleep~ i'm a bit grumpy and bored....*sighs* 
*groans* There's a lot more stuff that happened today ie; work related stuff and something vee-san would love to hear i've already told her and she laughed about it. 

-___-;;; whoa....I do not have the brain power to continue with this...i'm feeling so "bleh" and....just bored.  

F-list, sorry that i've wasted your space with this sorry excuse of a post <___<;;; just so bored

No life~

Jun. 21st, 2008 08:51 pm
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♠ Considering throwing out some old books I have--because honestly~that's not me anymore

♠ Actually cleaned. Yes, I cleaned o.O;; *and is tempted to wash dishes* holy shit I think the sky is falling XD

♠ spend half a chunk of my day reading filth online~that's shocking how? XD

♠ I'm reading CCS (skimmed through it the first time) and I can't help but laugh~CLAMP has a thing for age-differences don't they? XD

♠ I have a feeling this summer is going to pass quickly

♠ I'm sure on either Weds. or Thursday mom will be struck with her "mom/daughter" bonding time and drag me to the mall <_<

♠  I have no brain

***Why do I have the feeling that I'm not even bothering to write in full paragraphs anymore? Am I that lazy (don't answer) ^_^;;; 



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