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1. My wrist has been hurting for the past three days *is ignoring the fact that she is attatched to the hip to her labtop, typing, typing, typing,* and i hope its just a muscle spasm and it goes away soon <__< 
2. Saturday was a lull 
3. seriously craving chocolate :/ 
4. The windows were open during the freak thunderstorm and now my parent's bedroom and kitchen are soaked...XDD;; 
5. I wish the storm doesn't make the power fall again~
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 1. One of the epic nerds in my journalism class cheated her way through out the whole exam DD-chan you know who she is 
2. I thought i had avoided the Stripper~two days!
3. Stripper jumped hugged me the second i stepped foot out the school >.<'' (so much for two days) 
4. mom woke me up at 8 a.m. thinking i overslept--i didn't have to go to class until 10~ there's 5 minutes gone of sleep >.<'
5. i have to study
6. i don't want to study
7. i have no choice...
8. i still think that our lunch is very short~ 40 minutes? wtf?
9. *sighs* just one more day and its over...
10. i'm bored and i need sleep -__-;;;
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 I'm back after being torn away from technology for two days ^__^  addicted much? neh~ just my mom had the brilliant idea of draggin me along with her to visit some friends of hers, so believe me it wasn't my choice. 
At least i went to the mall and got some  new summer clothes, this year i'll make an attempt not to be a total hermit and go out, believe me in the next two months i'll be avoiding the sun at all cost~~seriously, i get pale instead of tanned XDD; but yeah, i'll try not to be a total dork and actually do something. 

It's been hot. that's all i'll say and will not bitch about the 89 degree weather <.<"" 

so yeahs~~all i have to get through is finall (burn!burn!burn!) and i'm free ^^;; hopefully i don't over-sleep the week after, DD-chan doesn't believe i'm a morning person. but really i curse the exsistance of alarm clocks XD 

Yeah, you'd think that being out of the house would make me post some more interesting stuff....but nope.
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2. Had to power walk twenty blocks to get to school before homeroom 
3.  Caffinee makes me honest hungry :/ 
4. Its sheer willpower that's making me peel myself off bed and go to school 
5. One more week till school is O-V-E-R 
6. *sighs* mindfuckery~ 
7. M leant me a book i'm pretty sure i won't finish before next week
8. I wonder why M leant me a book a week before school ends (396 pages) how can i finish that during exams? hmmm......is it a ploy to make me meet her during the vacation? i have to give the book back eventually....and she did say she wanted to drag take me shopping with her.....crap. 
9. Its hot 
10. My brain has left indefinatly--i'm screwed over finals 
11. I have to check up on a friend~vee-san PLEASE stop freaking out  -__-;;; 
13. Spilled a bit of coffee on my uni. shirt~ not cool
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Too lazy to write in full paragraphs~ 

1. Half a day in school--total waste of time 
2. Did absolutly nothing~waste of time 
3. Fell asleep when i should had been doing work for next week 
4. Woke up three hours late~~managed to do that favor for a friend~i hope she likes it 
5. I have no idea how i'm going to start that Biology paper 
6. Have to stay afterschool on Tuesday to pick up uniform *guh* 
7. I'm bored 
9. Next week is going to be hell 
10. I wonder if its too late to skip the country? 
11. Naw...i have exams next month~  
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if you know anyone who knows how to piss off time any better then i can, please point them out *sighs* sadly, the arrival of my birthday is 2 days away, uh, wee? neh, i should sound more excited, but the fact that i'm getting old (although my parents roll their eyes when i say this-screw them!) isn't something that's making me jump for joy *shrug* my brain hasn't grasped the concept that spring break will end in 5 days yet, thats sucks. today has been rather bleh, getting an occasional laugh from a crack fic (is still trying to get over the OMG-ness of the father seishirou fic from yesterday .__.)  but other then that, nada~  

edit: uhm, i made pancakes (yes i know its 7 p.m.!) does that count as doing something? :/


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