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fingers too frozen to write in full sentences:

+ Dad bought be a new winter coat and it's blue (wow, i guess i'm slowly moving away from my 'red' phase that i got into...five years ago? xD)
+new slippers (mom gets so neurotic if she sees me walking around in my socks >D)
+new shorts for gym
+bought a box of candy canes :) i should get in to the holidays spirits one way or another
+bought that new Chapstick that they're selling--the shimmering kind. uh yeah don't ask, but i think i'm just buying chapsticks for the sake of buying them--although i do lose them. so its good to have back up? 

i'm really hating the fact that the only place i get connection is on my window sill, dudes, i'm freezing. *sighs* i'll survive. now i'll go and see if i can go and do that picture prompt that i was suppse to hand in yesterday.

fingers are frozen. man. well, have a nice night everyone ^_^
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XDDD yes it took me a while, but baby i found a "Drunk" icon that i liked. and yeah yeah it has Dean in it, i didn't get this icon for him though, but for the text. Hahah the drunk.

Now i have to force my frozen fingers to type my essay due tomorrow damnit! But shiit its cold ;A;

EDIT: (four hours later) So...i did my hair? wow. really exciting, but damnit Lidz sit your ass down and finish your paper! T^T


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