Dec. 21st, 2008 05:19 pm
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okay so spend half the day deleting/compressing stuff on my computer. i don't know what's wrong with it. it keeps making weird sounds and it shuts off by its self. i'll try not to get paranoid, but hopefully having gotten rid of a lot of stuff that i don't need makes it work better.
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fingers too frozen to write in full sentences:

+ Dad bought be a new winter coat and it's blue (wow, i guess i'm slowly moving away from my 'red' phase that i got into...five years ago? xD)
+new slippers (mom gets so neurotic if she sees me walking around in my socks >D)
+new shorts for gym
+bought a box of candy canes :) i should get in to the holidays spirits one way or another
+bought that new Chapstick that they're selling--the shimmering kind. uh yeah don't ask, but i think i'm just buying chapsticks for the sake of buying them--although i do lose them. so its good to have back up? 

i'm really hating the fact that the only place i get connection is on my window sill, dudes, i'm freezing. *sighs* i'll survive. now i'll go and see if i can go and do that picture prompt that i was suppse to hand in yesterday.

fingers are frozen. man. well, have a nice night everyone ^_^
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 there's a reason why i don't chew Big Red gum. My tongue is numb---no i'm serious people, it's a bit numb -__-;;;

Sooo...i'm waiting for dad to come home from work so we can go out for lunch(?) but damnit! he's taking so damn long. Nice.  Mom and i will probably go to the mall *is ignoring DD's death glare at the word 'Mall'* we're going to see if we can find some new pants for my school uniforms. Yes people, our school is that lame that they still enforce uniforms. WTF. Seriously when i graduate i'm rounding up all my friends so we can burn the uniforms. BONFIRE ANYONE? XDDD;; I'LL BRING THE MATCHES! 

i've been in denial that school will start in two weeks *wheeze* i haven't started shit of the homework i had to due (yeah yeah i had a 2 months to do it, buzz off!) and getting the new uniforms yesterday was the last straw. Damn! it's really here now, isn't it?  XDDD;; why do i have the feeling that i'll be rocking in  a dark corner when i have to go and buy my school supplies? 

Anyways~ Shitty internet connection is Shitty internet connection (really, this is what i get for sticking to wireless) ^___^;; 

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It was one of those rare days that never happen anymore, but i'm so glad that it happen today. This morning my parents acted like they actually liked each other and got along *gasp* that hasn't happen for a while, seriously, no bickering, no silent treatments, no yelling---just....good. Not even my dad ranted when the bus was half-hour late to Secaucus O__O and he hadn't even had lunch and and he was still in a good mood. wow. 
So we had lunch, laughed and had a normal conversation and my mom squeed every time she remembered my sister is going to have a baby---she can't wait to be a grandmother and spoil that darn kid. 
Then we went shopping (and dad AGAIN willingly came along)  *sighs* remind me never to make a bet with my dad, because A) he never forgets and B) i had to open my big mouth. 

Dad, you're awesome---but really, i'm not five years old anymore and you can't buy me what you think will look "in-style" anymore. Don't you know that by now you should just give me the money so i can just buy myself what i want? *sighs* Dad bought me a pair of Converse. Didn't i tell myself that would never ever wear those shoes? but Dad saw that everyone has those shoes, so natuarally he thought i'd want a pair. <_____<;;; Vee-san will laugh her ass off when i tell her that i have a pair of Converse. she knows my repeated dislike for them but what can i do? not wear them? right, then dad won't buy me anything out of his own self will again (he rarely gives gifts) so......i'll have to suck it up and wear them.

...Gawd help me.


Now......i'll push myself to finish reading "S.A.R." only 3 chapters left! i will! ^__________^  

I haven't felt this good in a while~~i better take advantage of it

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^__^ My lovely brain will return refreshed and functioning on September~ I will need it since like an utter moron i'm taking double Science class~dork <_<

Now, for the sucky news. Tomorrow i have to stay cooped up at school for graduation practice *bangs head on table* and depending on how much we suck practice we need to perfect the music, possibly we may need to practice on Wendseday as well--vee-san is going to jump off a cliff, i know it--well, that or throw a massive hissy-fit...not in the mood to deal with that <__<;; is i have to leave her alone on Weds too~~yes, we are that attatched to the hip, its sad XD;  *sighs* but i really do hope we can sinch the music in one rehersal, I actually want to be social for once and hang out with my friends *sighs* but...let's just see how it goes. 

I'll see if i can take a nap or something~~but i just had a huge latte, so...i doubt i'll be able to get some sleep ^^, eh~i have some downloads i want to skim through and upload to mp3~so hopefully that can curb that caffinee buzz.

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vee-san and i were walking home from school and out of no where i feel someone slap me on the shoulder and insult me in spanish, okay, wtf? who the hell  do i know would ever do that? and there she was Evil 3, all tattoos and piercings. XD; i swear if i would had passed her by on the street i wouldn't had recornized her, her hair is short, yes there's a tattoo--she nearly took off her shirt just to show it to us XD and belly piercing~~MAJOR change from the hoodies and jeans she used to wear in freshman year--it was good to see her again ^___^;;; DAMN HER FOR MOVING! but yeah~~it was good to see an old buddy ^_^ 

moving on.....i'm teasing vee-san with music...XXDD;; yeah, she's really peeved that i made her listen to a song that i told her fit her "situation" am i being mean? no. she's burned my ears with all of her girlish crushing and squeelage~i deserve some payback...XXDD oh gosh the crap i go through just to be amused, but i know that i she had that song she would play it on repeat~ *sighs* 

oh btw: M YOU LEFT ME ALONE! ;___; but i killed the time reading ^^;; so it was all goood~ 

Friday come already! 

EDIT: can't believe i spaced out on this, my cousin (or as our family members have dubbed him, the "male" version of me *rollseyes*) from Houston is coming to visit and trek around New York this friday . mom's thrilled to see him~she hasn't seen him in four years--that, and my aunt is sending her some Mexican sweet bread, my mom drools over that stuf~actually the only sweets she'll eat ^^;; but yays, good for her, i guess o.O 

Neh~it will be nice to see some family for a change right? ^^;;
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okay....i'm going to bed early tonight~~i'm serious, although i'm the type of person who can function coherently wit three hour sleep with an extra large cup of coffee, i need sleep <__<;;; but seriously, i think this lack of sleep is affecting my behavior~~i crack up over the stupidest things and i  seem to be more cheerful than usual~~i actually feel like hugging my friends o_O me? the one who usually avoids human contact at all costs? XXDDDD;; well, i don't know what it is, but i've been in a good mood as of lately~~is it because i just need one more week exams go die a horrible death! and school is out for the summer~i guess its that has perked me up ^___^;;; 

one thing i want to do for the summer is read for fun again (and no the summer reading for Honors English 3 doesn't count--i'm forced to read that <.<"") but really~~i haven't read a really good book for fun in a while and that's sad~so yeahs i can see where the money i'll earn from my summer job will go to, good ol' Barns&Nobels :D
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oh wow, its the first day of June. holy shit in two more weeks i'll be done with school O,O this year passed by quickly didn't it? Wow. 
And summer is coming too, neh~i'm not a fan of hot weather, but can i do about it? 
still.....two more weeks until its over~
i'm sure my parents will be insisting i do something over the summer, since they are major dorks who don't understand the idea that i like to spend my time INDOORS~i swear, i bearly get tanned during the summer~sun-phobia? XD 

Neh~it's a sunday morning and its a nice and quiet one~i'll see if can finish some homework before my mom drags me to the mall <_< Oh, and i know its late (i just found out ten minutes ago >.<"") 
                      HAPPY(late) BIRTHDAY [profile] polaris_86 
did i not say i suck at memorizing? *sighs* oh wells~its the thought at counts right XD 

okay~with that done, i'll enjoy this 1st day of June~since tommorow i have to return to the drudgery of school-- DD, Vee, Pink, and M my lovely friends i haven't seen in almost five days O.O;; last week was hectic,  but now its back to normal and i can go back to being a total nerd with again XD
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it's raining, the stick of my umbrella was only four inches long! and my pant legs got wet, nice. 

oh, and for some lovely, absolutely "jump on the bed, kiss your best friend, and hug random strangers" news....our tezcher is counting the Pre-test for our Bio exam  as the final exam for the 4th marking period. excuse me for a bit 

::sighs:: okak...glad that i got that off my chest...::glump:: i guess i'll really have to study now huh? ::nervous laughter:: 

err...nothing else to post, i saved vee-san from getting runned over by a car, she yell at me, "WHY DID YOU PULL ME BACK! I WANTED TO GET HIT!" uh...yeahs~

so yays, Friday is here so happy & i don't care if its raining, i'm just glad its here ^.^


May. 7th, 2008 04:07 pm
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short and sweet. i want this week to finish. i was a complete dumbass yesterday. i've been up since 5 a.m. and sacraficed precious sleep for a project that won't be due 'till Friday! >.<"" and its only Wed. *sighs* lovely. oh~might as well go and study for Bio quiz tomorrow (i've daydreamed throughout the whole class ._.)

please horrible horrible week i BEG YOU TO END ALREADY!

good ^__^

May. 5th, 2008 04:48 pm
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not much happen today--though i didn't know that there could me so many different ways to describe "sex" so much that a list is needed? o.O teh~ i'm not complaining, it kept me awake for most of the time ^^;; after that, my brain went comatose....

OMFG! I'M FREAKING OUT OVER PRESENTATION, I STILL DON'T HAVE ANY OF THE SHIT I'M SUPPOSE TO PRESENT ORGANIZED >.<" CRAP! soon as i'm done here i'm getting offline and will do actual research...*sighs* but, i can't let that stress me out--believe me, Li-chan isn't someone you want to be around with when she's stressed ^.~ 

uhm...i missed gym class? uh, yays? figure i should be thrilled about this...but i really don't give a rat's ass. although my friends will wonder why i was gone--but the minute Vee-san saw me after 8th she threw her hissy fit, (stomping on floor and scoffing) accusing me why i had ditched gym...why did she automatically acuse me of hidding behind the dumpster getting wasted? i'm seriously offended my that >.<"  *sighs* its not my fault M was was asking her every five minutes where i was, why did she have get all hissy with me? *shrug* neh~ i don't care, it was amusing actually ^.~  

But our little SNL party had gone on longer than i expected & i was already excused from Mabes there it is. the somewhat highlight of my day....god, how utterly dull huh? 

......... *sighs* i want this week to be done already.


Apr. 30th, 2008 05:24 pm
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i dragged myself out of a blissful sleep just to post this (nothing worth posting in RL today~oh wells)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pink-Chan! ^______^ 

turning one year older isn't so bad! i wish you lots of love and party on your b-day like there's no tomorrow ^_^

Happy Birthday  ....yes, i have too much time on my hands, but its cute 8P
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i tried again connecting in my room and AGAIN it wouldn't connect so in desperation  hope that it might work somewhere else, i tried that kitchen AND LO AND BEHOLD THE DAMN THING CONNECTED! ^____^  & HERE I WAS SUFFERING FOR 5 DAYS WHEN I COULD HAD JUST GONE TO THE KITCHEN?! LI-CHAN IS AN IDIOT! *SIGHS* anyways....i squeel like a total dork for five minutes *hides* and well, now yeeepy i can continue to feed my addiction ^__^ 

though it kinda sucks that i'm grounded in the kitchen, how can i read FxK smut now?!, but neh~h not to worry, my parents are never home, so i don't have to worry about that....o>O still......can't be too careful.....(don't laugh DD-chan!) now if you excuse me i have to go and contaminate my brain with 5 days worth of internet junk that i've missed out on. *grin* and here i thought my brain spent a lovely vacation out of the gutter ^_^ NOT! 

EDIT: oohh before i forget Pink-chan's birthday is tomorrow! ^__^ although she is in complete denial of it (May 30? my ass!) she doesn't want the day to come, well sorry honey, we all turned in our b-day's like big girls (some unwillilingly! guh 17yrs) and now its her turn ^^;;; ....hmmm....wonder what i can get her for her "not" birthday tomorrow? ^__^

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due to some circumstances (ei; bitchy computer that one day will BURN!) *sighs* i won't be able to be online. i don't know for how long, but until my connection gets fixed *wails* i won't be able to get on. this will be torture (i think the withdrawl effects fo being away from internet from more then 5 mins are wearing down--the headache's gone ^^;;) so if you excuse me, i will go and rock in a dark corner and contimplate the various ways i can distroy my computer.....
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exactly 17 years ago, at 7:55 p.m. (yes i know the exact time) Li-chan was born and let me just say OMFG!!!!
okay okay okay a little weird on my part but dude! i'm SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD! *cries* shit, i feel so old! XXDDD yeah yeah i'm over reacting, but neh~h its still seems like a big deal to me, i guess it still hasn't sunk in yet~~i don't feel 17, so thats out *sighs* by tomorrow i'm sure its will sink in.....righ?

quick moronic note but: i <3 my b-day cake, its so pretty i stared at it for 5 mins before i ravaged sliced it ^___^;; tee, if you only knew i indulge in this treat only once a year, the you would understand why i would want to get that cake in my possession and share it with no one (O___o weeeirrd) oh wells~ if you excuse me i have to go and *cough* finish some bussiness ^^;;

EDIT: *high off whipped cream* stole this from DD-chan!

EDIT#2: err...i'm really getting tired of the world conspiring against me...DD-chan and Li-chan are not suppose to be together! EVER! and this stupid quiz isn't helping! >.<"
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if you know anyone who knows how to piss off time any better then i can, please point them out *sighs* sadly, the arrival of my birthday is 2 days away, uh, wee? neh, i should sound more excited, but the fact that i'm getting old (although my parents roll their eyes when i say this-screw them!) isn't something that's making me jump for joy *shrug* my brain hasn't grasped the concept that spring break will end in 5 days yet, thats sucks. today has been rather bleh, getting an occasional laugh from a crack fic (is still trying to get over the OMG-ness of the father seishirou fic from yesterday .__.)  but other then that, nada~  

edit: uhm, i made pancakes (yes i know its 7 p.m.!) does that count as doing something? :/

now what?

Apr. 21st, 2008 10:43 am
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 today was the 1st day of the much awaited spring break....and Li-chan ends up waking up at 7:30 a.m. thinking she was late for school *sighs* idiot. but i fell  back to sleep, so no worries. 
alright, its only 10:45 here in NJ so, i have to go and find something to do... download music perhaps? *sighs* i really should had planned on something to do...i can go and bug vee-san? that sounds intresting, she does get annoyed when i call her "kamui" *lol* (and her stomping her foot doesn't make it any better) neh~h i'll find something to do. 
now...i'll see if i'll go finish reading that crack fic where seishirou (oddly enough) is telling Bible stories to, i have a feeling that i'll just end up staring at it thinking WTF, but eh, at least i'm doing something. 

Edit: i just stepped on my clarinet case (ow) and i should practice ^____^ yays! i'll practice just to annoy my neighbors. teehee.


Apr. 20th, 2008 02:04 pm
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i have to post this before my brain packs up and heads for Barcelona, I'M FREE! FREE FREE FREE!!!!! SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!! 
*sighs* now if you excuse me, i'm going to go to enjoy this free week off ^^"" and indulge in the pure nothingness that will follow ^^'


Apr. 17th, 2008 04:14 pm
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not much happended today. although i fear i may have given Vee-san acouple of bad ideas about something *sighs* i just hope she doesn't call me saying that she made a phone call to C at 3 a.m. in the morning to ask him what kind of underwear he's wearing...if any for that matter...omg, i hope she doesn't take that advice seriously !_! 
uh? what else? hmmm....well, pink-chan and i have a new ritual, go out for lunch, wait two minutes before the bell rings and sprint back to school...and sneak into class after the late bell has rung, uhm, not good. although Bens is always late, so i don't worry much, but still.... more day to go. 

*goes and counts bail money for vee-san* >.<" 


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