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for three weeks i've been dead bored at work, answering phones and whatever~

but today. OHOHOHOHO today was the day!

I picked the phone like always,

Me: Good afternoon, Union city Adult, how can i help you?
Caller: I want to make an appointment
Me: Okay, but there aren't any appointments until September
Caller: but i need to make an appointment for an exam
Me: Exam?
Caller: yes, i need an exam for my colon
Me: *pause* *blinks* *pause* Excuse me? 
Caller: Yes,  i need to make an appointment for a colon examination
Me: *pause* *mouthing words* *blinks* Uhm....
Caller: *dead pause*
Me: *smothering laugh* Uh....you have the wrong number---this is an education office. We make appointments here to sign up for English and Civ---hello?
Caller: *had hung up before i could finish* *dial tone*

now, you can just imagine the look on my face during that conversation---i thought it might had been a prank call, but it sounded like an old woman~and i highly doubt she would make a crack call about her colon

Colon exam~~not exactly the way i wanted to remember my first summer job ^//////^


Jul. 20th, 2008 08:23 pm
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i can't kill vee-san. no i can't i wish i could, but i will not go to jail for killing her evil ass!  there has to be something wrong in that little brain of hers. It frightens me that she still takes so much amusement between this whole Eric thing....that happened two years ago and she still won't let it die! >.<;;;; she's evil i tell you, evil! *sighs*

btw: when the hell is this damn heatwave going to be over?! waa~i'm sick of the 100 degree weather <_<;;

no seriously, i can't make vee-san dissapear, but....i can tramatize ~.^ ateeheehee


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