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work today was....bleh~ the classes are going to be over soon---I have no idea if when my last day is going to be. but for the mean time, its just...bleh. you know working in an office has taught me something I WILL NEVER CHOOSE AN OFFICE BASED CAREER <__<;;; seriously, i don't need to do that for a lifetime. anyways, since it was basically dead, I caught up on my politics and read all of the political artices in the Time magazine that was laying there on the counter. O__O;;; yeah, since when am i interested in politics but neh~it killed the time. So far i'm half way through this essay on Mark Twain----Hmm...should start reading more Times. ^_^

I cooked dinner (no don't laugh!) because well, no one else was going to do it. My dad asked me if i was on something and/or i was coming down with something because he found the concept of me willingly going near a stove hysterical *rollseyes* what? do i need to be high or something to cook? wtf dad?

Oh btw, I think i maybe an aunt. still don't know much of the details, but apparently i'm going to be an auntie ;___; i'm too young to be called 'Aunt" 

ooh and we got a post-card from my cousin who's doing a semester in France ^_^;; nice to hear from family once in a while right?


Jul. 20th, 2008 08:23 pm
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i can't kill vee-san. no i can't i wish i could, but i will not go to jail for killing her evil ass!  there has to be something wrong in that little brain of hers. It frightens me that she still takes so much amusement between this whole Eric thing....that happened two years ago and she still won't let it die! >.<;;;; she's evil i tell you, evil! *sighs*

btw: when the hell is this damn heatwave going to be over?! waa~i'm sick of the 100 degree weather <_<;;

no seriously, i can't make vee-san dissapear, but....i can tramatize ~.^ ateeheehee
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*** It's too hot and i've forgotten a lot of the details~ 

+ Vee-san called 

+ She laughed and complained for about half an hour when I told her i was watching a documentary 

+ Yes people I watch documentaries...for fun  

+  I was on AIM and she kept complaining about the ringing noise it kept making.....every five seconds... 

And she complained...again about the line on the move screen. 

+ I resisted the urge to throw my phone against the wall 

+ vee-san should be in a test tube and studied---she's already doing the summer work for our summer reading...WTF? 

***eh~ this is all i remember :/


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