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* work is going by fast----and boring
* Yays! there was actual breeze today! :D damn you heatwave!
* Hmm---a girl who's only five or so years older than me told me to never get married o_O;; uh...thanks for the advise?

neh~ not much else happened (it's only Tuesday <_<::) oh and it's official--i'm going to be an aunt. .____.;;; i'll probably be the aunt who will only visit once every five years (like i already do) and spoil the little tots ^___^;;; it's not like they'll be my kids.
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I'm bored. 

I've been bored since...well this morning. *yawn* and my insomnia is getting worse -___-;;; i've only had five hours of sleep~ i'm a bit grumpy and bored....*sighs* 
*groans* There's a lot more stuff that happened today ie; work related stuff and something vee-san would love to hear i've already told her and she laughed about it. 

-___-;;; whoa....I do not have the brain power to continue with this...i'm feeling so "bleh" and....just bored.  

F-list, sorry that i've wasted your space with this sorry excuse of a post <___<;;; just so bored
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*** It's too hot and i've forgotten a lot of the details~ 

+ Vee-san called 

+ She laughed and complained for about half an hour when I told her i was watching a documentary 

+ Yes people I watch documentaries...for fun  

+  I was on AIM and she kept complaining about the ringing noise it kept making.....every five seconds... 

And she complained...again about the line on the move screen. 

+ I resisted the urge to throw my phone against the wall 

+ vee-san should be in a test tube and studied---she's already doing the summer work for our summer reading...WTF? 

***eh~ this is all i remember :/

No life~

Jun. 21st, 2008 08:51 pm
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♠ Considering throwing out some old books I have--because honestly~that's not me anymore

♠ Actually cleaned. Yes, I cleaned o.O;; *and is tempted to wash dishes* holy shit I think the sky is falling XD

♠ spend half a chunk of my day reading filth online~that's shocking how? XD

♠ I'm reading CCS (skimmed through it the first time) and I can't help but laugh~CLAMP has a thing for age-differences don't they? XD

♠ I have a feeling this summer is going to pass quickly

♠ I'm sure on either Weds. or Thursday mom will be struck with her "mom/daughter" bonding time and drag me to the mall <_<

♠  I have no brain

***Why do I have the feeling that I'm not even bothering to write in full paragraphs anymore? Am I that lazy (don't answer) ^_^;;; 

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^__^ My lovely brain will return refreshed and functioning on September~ I will need it since like an utter moron i'm taking double Science class~dork <_<

Now, for the sucky news. Tomorrow i have to stay cooped up at school for graduation practice *bangs head on table* and depending on how much we suck practice we need to perfect the music, possibly we may need to practice on Wendseday as well--vee-san is going to jump off a cliff, i know it--well, that or throw a massive hissy-fit...not in the mood to deal with that <__<;; is i have to leave her alone on Weds too~~yes, we are that attatched to the hip, its sad XD;  *sighs* but i really do hope we can sinch the music in one rehersal, I actually want to be social for once and hang out with my friends *sighs* but...let's just see how it goes. 

I'll see if i can take a nap or something~~but i just had a huge latte, so...i doubt i'll be able to get some sleep ^^, eh~i have some downloads i want to skim through and upload to mp3~so hopefully that can curb that caffinee buzz.

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1. My wrist has been hurting for the past three days *is ignoring the fact that she is attatched to the hip to her labtop, typing, typing, typing,* and i hope its just a muscle spasm and it goes away soon <__< 
2. Saturday was a lull 
3. seriously craving chocolate :/ 
4. The windows were open during the freak thunderstorm and now my parent's bedroom and kitchen are soaked...XDD;; 
5. I wish the storm doesn't make the power fall again~
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 1. One of the epic nerds in my journalism class cheated her way through out the whole exam DD-chan you know who she is 
2. I thought i had avoided the Stripper~two days!
3. Stripper jumped hugged me the second i stepped foot out the school >.<'' (so much for two days) 
4. mom woke me up at 8 a.m. thinking i overslept--i didn't have to go to class until 10~ there's 5 minutes gone of sleep >.<'
5. i have to study
6. i don't want to study
7. i have no choice...
8. i still think that our lunch is very short~ 40 minutes? wtf?
9. *sighs* just one more day and its over...
10. i'm bored and i need sleep -__-;;;


Jun. 11th, 2008 03:08 pm
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I finally have electricity after it went out last night. *sighs* as if it wasn't bad enough that it as 90 degrees, the power had to go out because of a storm. i thought that it was an all city blackout, but nope, it was just downtown <.<;; i honestly don't know how i fell asleep in that heat~~and here i thought that they would cancel classes...not. our HS is uptown so there was still power~and i dragged my ass out of bed and went to school. yays -__-;;; 

well, another day of finals is over, eh~ this day was easy since we had gym first, but when we went to English *head on table* i swear, my brain was blank of nine months worth of reading~i didn't remember squat and i jst sat there staring at the paper thinking "Huh? Wha? The last of the what? what was the dude's name in the Crusible?" i swear i BSed the final prompt (#4) i just couldn't think of anything *head on table* but that's it! Honor English 2 is O-V-E-R! 

^__^ ah, tomorrow i don't have to show up until 10, since its going to be the 5th period exams and that's my lunch hour~an extra hour of sleep~good.

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The list~ you know the drill by now ^^;;; 

1. I detest the composers who wrote up the theme music to Indiana Jones and Superman >.<""" BURN!
2. Stupidly i'm playing 1st clarient for the Indy theme song (look at #1) and I. CAN'T. GET. IT.!  *head on table* stupid triplets...
3. Vee-san and i TOTALLY different tastes in music o.O her style is  very...very...ghetto? o__O"  
4.  I have never heard the songs she likes~ 
5. I almost passed out~~hating the 100 degree weather....
6. Got assulted, embraced, air squeezed out of, jumped on, almost got tripped over, Hugged by the Stripper today~~twice in a span of 15 minutes DD-chan, STOP LAUGHING AT THIS! 
7. one day down~ four more days of Finals to go

~~I'm sure there's more...but i'm too tired to think of anything--i was a very boring day <_<'""


Jun. 9th, 2008 02:49 pm
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The weather's disgusting outside, its 102 people, 100 and effing 2! *sighs* i was going to pass out in school today, DD-chan saw me, i was all dead and wonder why on earth the floor kept moving. dizzy, head ache, hungry, and heat do NOT make a good combination. But the weenies at school took pity on us and gave us a half day :/ so that's somewhat good. 

So i was starving and vee-san didn't want to go home at 1 p.m. so we went to blimpies~at least there was air-conditioner right? well, there we tried to have a civilized conversation--but yeah, if you'd know we're the type of people who can't even finish a sentence without starting up something completely random, yeah, i really don't see how people cannot get annoyed with us, we are a little too random at times *cough* 

So we killed sometime there until we finally sucked it up and dragged our asses home--i was nearly crawling <.<'''---and i'm sure i got a sunburn, i don't know, hopefully my cheeks fade back to their normal color ^^;; 

Finals~~oh that lovely event can go burn ^^;; *sighs*

 EDIT: i've failed in my pitiful attempt to study <__<""  *sighs* 

EDIT #2 : ^_____^ i just found out from DD-chan that we're going to have early dismissal for school tomorrow, yays~

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okay....i'm going to bed early tonight~~i'm serious, although i'm the type of person who can function coherently wit three hour sleep with an extra large cup of coffee, i need sleep <__<;;; but seriously, i think this lack of sleep is affecting my behavior~~i crack up over the stupidest things and i  seem to be more cheerful than usual~~i actually feel like hugging my friends o_O me? the one who usually avoids human contact at all costs? XXDDDD;; well, i don't know what it is, but i've been in a good mood as of lately~~is it because i just need one more week exams go die a horrible death! and school is out for the summer~i guess its that has perked me up ^___^;;; 

one thing i want to do for the summer is read for fun again (and no the summer reading for Honors English 3 doesn't count--i'm forced to read that <.<"") but really~~i haven't read a really good book for fun in a while and that's sad~so yeahs i can see where the money i'll earn from my summer job will go to, good ol' Barns&Nobels :D
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2. Had to power walk twenty blocks to get to school before homeroom 
3.  Caffinee makes me honest hungry :/ 
4. Its sheer willpower that's making me peel myself off bed and go to school 
5. One more week till school is O-V-E-R 
6. *sighs* mindfuckery~ 
7. M leant me a book i'm pretty sure i won't finish before next week
8. I wonder why M leant me a book a week before school ends (396 pages) how can i finish that during exams? hmmm......is it a ploy to make me meet her during the vacation? i have to give the book back eventually....and she did say she wanted to drag take me shopping with her.....crap. 
9. Its hot 
10. My brain has left indefinatly--i'm screwed over finals 
11. I have to check up on a friend~vee-san PLEASE stop freaking out  -__-;;; 
13. Spilled a bit of coffee on my uni. shirt~ not cool
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oh wow, its the first day of June. holy shit in two more weeks i'll be done with school O,O this year passed by quickly didn't it? Wow. 
And summer is coming too, neh~i'm not a fan of hot weather, but can i do about it? 
still.....two more weeks until its over~
i'm sure my parents will be insisting i do something over the summer, since they are major dorks who don't understand the idea that i like to spend my time INDOORS~i swear, i bearly get tanned during the summer~sun-phobia? XD 

Neh~it's a sunday morning and its a nice and quiet one~i'll see if can finish some homework before my mom drags me to the mall <_< wee....shopping. Oh, and i know its late (i just found out ten minutes ago >.<"") 
                      HAPPY(late) BIRTHDAY [profile] polaris_86 
did i not say i suck at memorizing? *sighs* oh wells~its the thought at counts right XD 

okay~with that done, i'll enjoy this 1st day of June~since tommorow i have to return to the drudgery of school-- DD, Vee, Pink, and M my lovely friends i haven't seen in almost five days O.O;; last week was hectic,  but now its back to normal and i can go back to being a total nerd with again XD

what a day

May. 28th, 2008 03:17 pm
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I NEED A NAP! *yawns* i didn't think that i would be exhausted, but i survived day #1 of multi-arts, *sighs* i really don't want to think about the paper that i have to hand in tomorrow-so i won't~ 
Okay...most of the day was a blur, but all i know is that i was  being STRANGLED by the collar of the dress shirt and THE TIE! i swear, i couldn't breathe, i was tugging at it every two seconds <_<"" but since we were the one of the last groups to perform, i ditched the tie until it was our time on stage (tomorrow unfortunatly I won't be so lucky~~the main performers will be from our school--so i can't ditch the tie) 
Let me say that i am SO GLAD FOR STAGE LIGHTS! they blinded me enough so that i couldn't see the audience~believe me i was nervous ^__^;;; but like they say, deep breaths~ 
*bangs head on table* my parents couldn't stop "aww-ing" when they saw me this afternoon with the uniform (i sneaked left early in the morning) they liked the whole "formal wear" thing and thought the tie was so adorable >__<""" WTF??? are they high?!?! and to make it even lovelier, mother dearest said i looked short. How in the hell could i look short?! I blame the vest. 

^______^ i think i'll go take a nap before i start my Bio paper.

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 *sighs* the weather is actually acting normal again~it's 70 in May. 

aside from the weather, i would had been home an hour ago, but i had to stay to go pick up my band uniform. And yes, i know we all think that band uniforms are dorky. bright weird colors, and the hats (yeck) but nope, for our performance we're going to have to wear formal clothing~meaning everyone has to wear black slacks, white dress shirt, *cringes* vest and (insert uncontrolable laughter here) and a tie.....and no not just any tie, a bow tie. I'll go crawl into  a hole if you don't mind. 
  >.<;; i'm sure i'll give my friends something to laugh about tomorrow.....

MOVING ON....so the field trip to the Liberty Science Center was today (neh~just an excuse to skip school for a day) and it was okay~ most of the exsibits were probably geared for middle schoolers *shrug* we were suppose to be spit up into groups, but since there was a ton of people there and practically impossible to keep track of every students, DD, Pink, and Vee and I were able to hang together ^_^; so can't complain there. 

    So yays, i'll miss school for two days because of the band performance....but at the price of having to wear a bow tie (I CAN'T WILL MYSELF TO WEAR THAT THING!) 

EDIT: GUH!!! this is what i get for putting everything off at the last minute, really, my procrastination has reached a new low~even for me 
This is just sad.... 
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Too lazy to write in full paragraphs~ 

1. Half a day in school--total waste of time 
2. Did absolutly nothing~waste of time 
3. Fell asleep when i should had been doing work for next week 
4. Woke up three hours late~~managed to do that favor for a friend~i hope she likes it 
5. I have no idea how i'm going to start that Biology paper 
6. Have to stay afterschool on Tuesday to pick up uniform *guh* 
7. I'm bored 
9. Next week is going to be hell 
10. I wonder if its too late to skip the country? 
11. Naw...i have exams next month~  
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*sighs* i feel sick and that is so not cool. i've hadn't enjoyed the lovely company of Alka Selters and antacids so much until today. and i'm ignoring the bitchy mood that i was in yesterday. mom & i are talking, so yays, i guess that's some process...*sighs* i guess <.<"  *takes Tums #5* i hate feeling like this, sick and taking puke-inducing shit that's suppose to make me feel better. *Li-chan resists to take Tums #6* guhhh *head on keyboard* too lazy to finish my Moby journals, but i gotta do them & that essay for O'conns, shit! >.<""" 
SICK SUNDAYS SUCK! *takes Alka Seltzer/sighs/runs to toilet*
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It's day three of my break--and i'm bored D: no, i'm not complaining because i'm at home not doing anything, that i love XD, but *sigh* i just feel more tired. I could rant on on--but too tired to type o__o" so i might as well do the homework that's been bugging me for the past three days

***Moby Dick SHOULD BURN!!!!!! D:

Edit#1: I'm still on line...i think i maybe developing a problem...or maybe i'm just trying to avoid my H.W. *heeheee* --- finding any chronice excuse to  not do homwork XDDD


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