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* work is going by fast----and boring
* Yays! there was actual breeze today! :D damn you heatwave!
* Hmm---a girl who's only five or so years older than me told me to never get married o_O;; uh...thanks for the advise?

neh~ not much else happened (it's only Tuesday <_<::) oh and it's official--i'm going to be an aunt. .____.;;; i'll probably be the aunt who will only visit once every five years (like i already do) and spoil the little tots ^___^;;; it's not like they'll be my kids.
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*** It's too hot and i've forgotten a lot of the details~ 

+ Vee-san called 

+ She laughed and complained for about half an hour when I told her i was watching a documentary 

+ Yes people I watch documentaries...for fun  

+  I was on AIM and she kept complaining about the ringing noise it kept making.....every five seconds... 

And she complained...again about the line on the move screen. 

+ I resisted the urge to throw my phone against the wall 

+ vee-san should be in a test tube and studied---she's already doing the summer work for our summer reading...WTF? 

***eh~ this is all i remember :/

No life~

Jun. 21st, 2008 08:51 pm
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♠ Considering throwing out some old books I have--because honestly~that's not me anymore

♠ Actually cleaned. Yes, I cleaned o.O;; *and is tempted to wash dishes* holy shit I think the sky is falling XD

♠ spend half a chunk of my day reading filth online~that's shocking how? XD

♠ I'm reading CCS (skimmed through it the first time) and I can't help but laugh~CLAMP has a thing for age-differences don't they? XD

♠ I have a feeling this summer is going to pass quickly

♠ I'm sure on either Weds. or Thursday mom will be struck with her "mom/daughter" bonding time and drag me to the mall <_<

♠  I have no brain

***Why do I have the feeling that I'm not even bothering to write in full paragraphs anymore? Am I that lazy (don't answer) ^_^;;; 

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1. My wrist has been hurting for the past three days *is ignoring the fact that she is attatched to the hip to her labtop, typing, typing, typing,* and i hope its just a muscle spasm and it goes away soon <__< 
2. Saturday was a lull 
3. seriously craving chocolate :/ 
4. The windows were open during the freak thunderstorm and now my parent's bedroom and kitchen are soaked...XDD;; 
5. I wish the storm doesn't make the power fall again~
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 1. One of the epic nerds in my journalism class cheated her way through out the whole exam DD-chan you know who she is 
2. I thought i had avoided the Stripper~two days!
3. Stripper jumped hugged me the second i stepped foot out the school >.<'' (so much for two days) 
4. mom woke me up at 8 a.m. thinking i overslept--i didn't have to go to class until 10~ there's 5 minutes gone of sleep >.<'
5. i have to study
6. i don't want to study
7. i have no choice...
8. i still think that our lunch is very short~ 40 minutes? wtf?
9. *sighs* just one more day and its over...
10. i'm bored and i need sleep -__-;;;
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The list~ you know the drill by now ^^;;; 

1. I detest the composers who wrote up the theme music to Indiana Jones and Superman >.<""" BURN!
2. Stupidly i'm playing 1st clarient for the Indy theme song (look at #1) and I. CAN'T. GET. IT.!  *head on table* stupid triplets...
3. Vee-san and i TOTALLY different tastes in music o.O her style is  very...very...ghetto? o__O"  
4.  I have never heard the songs she likes~ 
5. I almost passed out~~hating the 100 degree weather....
6. Got assulted, embraced, air squeezed out of, jumped on, almost got tripped over, Hugged by the Stripper today~~twice in a span of 15 minutes DD-chan, STOP LAUGHING AT THIS! 
7. one day down~ four more days of Finals to go

~~I'm sure there's more...but i'm too tired to think of anything--i was a very boring day <_<'""

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2. Had to power walk twenty blocks to get to school before homeroom 
3.  Caffinee makes me honest hungry :/ 
4. Its sheer willpower that's making me peel myself off bed and go to school 
5. One more week till school is O-V-E-R 
6. *sighs* mindfuckery~ 
7. M leant me a book i'm pretty sure i won't finish before next week
8. I wonder why M leant me a book a week before school ends (396 pages) how can i finish that during exams? hmmm......is it a ploy to make me meet her during the vacation? i have to give the book back eventually....and she did say she wanted to drag take me shopping with her.....crap. 
9. Its hot 
10. My brain has left indefinatly--i'm screwed over finals 
11. I have to check up on a friend~vee-san PLEASE stop freaking out  -__-;;; 
13. Spilled a bit of coffee on my uni. shirt~ not cool
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Too lazy to write in full paragraphs~ 

1. Half a day in school--total waste of time 
2. Did absolutly nothing~waste of time 
3. Fell asleep when i should had been doing work for next week 
4. Woke up three hours late~~managed to do that favor for a friend~i hope she likes it 
5. I have no idea how i'm going to start that Biology paper 
6. Have to stay afterschool on Tuesday to pick up uniform *guh* 
7. I'm bored 
9. Next week is going to be hell 
10. I wonder if its too late to skip the country? 
11. Naw...i have exams next month~  


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