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XDDD yes it took me a while, but baby i found a "Drunk" icon that i liked. and yeah yeah it has Dean in it, i didn't get this icon for him though, but for the text. Hahah the drunk.

Now i have to force my frozen fingers to type my essay due tomorrow damnit! But shiit its cold ;A;

EDIT: (four hours later) So...i did my hair? wow. really exciting, but damnit Lidz sit your ass down and finish your paper! T^T
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 *sighs* the weather is actually acting normal again~it's 70 in May. 

aside from the weather, i would had been home an hour ago, but i had to stay to go pick up my band uniform. And yes, i know we all think that band uniforms are dorky. bright weird colors, and the hats (yeck) but nope, for our performance we're going to have to wear formal clothing~meaning everyone has to wear black slacks, white dress shirt, *cringes* vest and (insert uncontrolable laughter here) and a tie.....and no not just any tie, a bow tie. I'll go crawl into  a hole if you don't mind. 
  >.<;; i'm sure i'll give my friends something to laugh about tomorrow.....

MOVING ON....so the field trip to the Liberty Science Center was today (neh~just an excuse to skip school for a day) and it was okay~ most of the exsibits were probably geared for middle schoolers *shrug* we were suppose to be spit up into groups, but since there was a ton of people there and practically impossible to keep track of every students, DD, Pink, and Vee and I were able to hang together ^_^; so can't complain there. 

    So yays, i'll miss school for two days because of the band performance....but at the price of having to wear a bow tie (I CAN'T WILL MYSELF TO WEAR THAT THING!) 

EDIT: GUH!!! this is what i get for putting everything off at the last minute, really, my procrastination has reached a new low~even for me 
This is just sad.... 
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HI all! well, i should be reading the 70 pages of moby that i have to do over my break--but pracrastination is call to me...must...resist...must...do...boring ass homework D: so here's how i plan to stay hooked to the internet 4 too long *smirking* until the battery in my labtop dies out, then i'll get off (which should be soon--i got pissy battery life) so hopefully i can accomplish the following

1. read 10 pages of Moby
2. do one journal
3. find fluff for the Vee-san conversion (DON'T WORRY DD-CHAN, I'M PLOTTING AS I TYPE XD)
4. TRY to catch up on Tsubasa...kinda fallen behind cuz of school work (a plague on school mwahhhaaa)

*** i got 5 more days of vacation left, hopefully i can finish all of my homework by sunday morning *crossed fingers*

Edit#1: on 2nd thought, i think i'll hold Tsubasa off 4 a bit--reading X & and i don't want 2 get my schedual messed up.


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