Jul. 31st, 2008 03:43 pm
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Internet died...AGAIN. 

i have no clue for how long it depends on the guy i steal--i mean get my internet signal from well it's not like its happened before. but for a whole week? not cool., i dragged myself to the library---bleh---to check up on a week's worth of e-mails and post; no life anyone? 

it took seven minutes to look at a post with pictures. that's all i'm going to say about how shitty these computers are I MISS MY LABTOP WITH THE STOLEN INTERNET SIGNAL!!! *ahem* i have to be patient......i don't know for how long, but, i will not die from not having connection~~seriouly. clue when i'll be back (hell, for all i know, i'll probably have signal when i get home)  Tootles!
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<____<;;; why is it that when you're looking for something that you need, you end up finding 50 other stuff that you don't need at the moment?
*sighs* since i only have four more chapters left to finish the Hemingway book, i thought i'd get organized and actually use my calander for something other that sqribbling "wheee its Friday!"
So everything is set, all of my tasks have been Post-It 'ed on my calandar and i'm good to go.
Not really. I have absolutely no clue where that short story that we had to read is! <___<'''' i know its in my room~but just no idea where >.< and i know if i don't find it, i'm going to be freaking out about it.

so far i've found a lost packet of Post-Its, a laundry bag, my old history folder from Freshman year, pens, a bag, and a tiny bottle of perfume. *sighs* DOES IT LOOK LIKE I NEED ANY OF THAT STUFF RIGHT NOW?!??!!?



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