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 i have resisted the urge to slam mu computer against the wall!!! i couldn't get online for 3 hrs! *wails* does that scream online addiction or not? *grins* but its working properly again...ITS 11:20 P.M. so yeahs~s how screwed off did that turn out *shrugs* oh wells, i don't have to show up to class until 10 a.m. so that's good ^____^  i'll get an extra hr of sleep. 
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  I think i talked about this already, but screw it i'm posting it again! the NJPASS testing thing is tomorrow D: 
i'm so not prepared!!!! *sigh* its not as if i can hack into the computer system and steal all of the answers....hmmm or can I ? mhwahhhhh but that would only work if i were a computer geek--i barely know how to use Photoshop--in fact  i can bearly transfer my music files to my MP3 <.<"  *wonders why Li-chan divulged tech. ignorance O.o*  anywho~o, might as well go to bed now and get my beauty sleep and not fall asleep during testing 2morrow. *taps chin* i wonder if Vee-san will let me cheat ask her to help me study a bit--never hurts to cram :D

EDIT#1 :  B4 I GO TO BED, I'M DELETING THE 102 E-MAILS THAT ARE CLOGGING MY MAIL BOX *shakes head* I SHOULD CHECK MY MAIL MORE OFTEN *eyeroll* ........34 messages deleted so far.....


Feb. 29th, 2008 07:14 pm
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I won't bore you with my life or lack there of XD but here's today "Wit&Wisdom" quote :D

"I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it." -- Mark Twain

and since i'm embracing my sacrastic mood, here are two more that just made laugh and just had to post :D

Honesty is the best policy -- when there is money in it. 
  Familiarity breeds contempt -- and children.

     both are by Mark Twain. *waving fingers* tootles :D 

EDIT: *ugh* just downloaded 'boys next door' manga AND.THE.STUPID.THING.WON'T.OPEN. "o_O"  *pouts*....now off to YouTube yes i'm that bored :D
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*sighs of frustration!* uhg, i've been trying to load one, stupid icon and its been half an hour and IT. DOES. NOT. LOAD. AHHHH!!!! why does technology hate me????!!!! --okay, i'm whining--oh who cares!!!--i whine i whine---. my friend S is probably rolling her eyes when she reads this--ugh--technology is so not my thing. *sighs* anyways...i'll see if i can try 2morrow--too tired to type....if not...eh...???...not the end of the world. But, i shall make an attempt...until my computer annoys me to the point of wanting to throw it out the window. D: then i'll stop. 
Better get used to the parakeets....o_o"


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