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XDDD yes it took me a while, but baby i found a "Drunk" icon that i liked. and yeah yeah it has Dean in it, i didn't get this icon for him though, but for the text. Hahah the drunk.

Now i have to force my frozen fingers to type my essay due tomorrow damnit! But shiit its cold ;A;

EDIT: (four hours later) So...i did my hair? wow. really exciting, but damnit Lidz sit your ass down and finish your paper! T^T
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* work is going by fast----and boring
* Yays! there was actual breeze today! :D damn you heatwave!
* Hmm---a girl who's only five or so years older than me told me to never get married o_O;; uh...thanks for the advise?

neh~ not much else happened (it's only Tuesday <_<::) oh and it's official--i'm going to be an aunt. .____.;;; i'll probably be the aunt who will only visit once every five years (like i already do) and spoil the little tots ^___^;;; it's not like they'll be my kids.


Jul. 20th, 2008 11:09 pm
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i don't want to go to work tomorrow :/ 
when the hell am i going to get paid i already know, but i can't help but complain 
This month is almost over---lovely :/ 
Did i mention i don't want to go to work tomorrow? 

I'll stop complaining now and go to bed, read manga, watch t.v. continue to do nothing~
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whatever was left of my pitiful little brain. DIED. *sighs* so on Thursdays and Fridays i have to go to work half hour early, so when i get there i think "Okay~ since the classes are almost done for the summer, it will be an easy day," no sweat. just hang out and answer the phones. Big woop. 
*agitated* but.......one of the head guys there asked me if i was doing thing (i was sitting on the front desk~popping gum and staring at the wall----what do you think?) so he gave me some papers to staple to files, fill out the information and put in the application. 
I didn't mind since hey, that's what i'm getting paid for. but, i started at 11:30 and holy shit....it's endless. i sat there for four hours doing nothing but filling out info and organizing the application--just sitting there, staring at an endless pile of papers that *whines* gad i must had seen the same paper at least seven times <.<:;; so far i think i got 140-ish files done (ballpark number) and i still have 24 more files to do tomorrow since i couldnt get them done. And when i finish those lovely 140+ files guess who's going to have to file them in order-----yep that's right. Me. Again. <.<;;;;; 
*sighs* what a convenitent time for the girl that works the morning shift not to show up to the office anymore~i'm pretty sure they would had put her to do half of the filing at least---but nope. She's not going come to work anymore. *grumbles* so i'm stuck doing everything. 
And on top of all that~~hearing this other worker there COMPLAIN about the price of egg while i was resisiting the urge to stab my pen throuhg my eye to end my misery, SHE KEPT COMPLAINING! LIKE I NEED TO HEAR THAT WHEN I HAVE ALL OF THAT SHIT LOAD OF PAPERS TO DO!? >.<;;; *sighs* I was drained, seriously. Oh~ since the girl that works the morning shift won't show up anymore, there's a possibility that they're going to want to take her place. well, the extra hours sound tempting (shit, they better!) but i'll have to be there at  8a.m. and leave at 3:30---eight hour work day~~damn should i say yes? (the reason why i got the noon shift was so i could sleep in---but the months will be over soon~so it wont be a huge sacrafice) :/

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so guess what happened? I was transfered to work at an office 20 blocks away from my house <__<;: *sighs* now the place where i'm working at now is only three blocks away from my high school~~wtf? 
where i was working before, it was only five blocks away, so there wasn't much of a worry of being late. But now?... 
Ofcourse i can't whine (i'm not whining) there is a good point. First I CAN SLEEP :) i don't have to go in until 11 (so i can sleep in the morning)  

Now if you'll excuse me~~i'll go and try to drown out the four hours of mind numbing paperwork and phone calls D: 

what happend to my "summer" vacation? seriously, i want it back -____-;;;

EDIT: guh--have to clean the shit that's been cluttering my room since....whenever -__-;;
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I'm bored. 

I've been bored since...well this morning. *yawn* and my insomnia is getting worse -___-;;; i've only had five hours of sleep~ i'm a bit grumpy and bored....*sighs* 
*groans* There's a lot more stuff that happened today ie; work related stuff and something vee-san would love to hear i've already told her and she laughed about it. 

-___-;;; whoa....I do not have the brain power to continue with this...i'm feeling so "bleh" and....just bored.  

F-list, sorry that i've wasted your space with this sorry excuse of a post <___<;;; just so bored
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 1. One of the epic nerds in my journalism class cheated her way through out the whole exam DD-chan you know who she is 
2. I thought i had avoided the Stripper~two days!
3. Stripper jumped hugged me the second i stepped foot out the school >.<'' (so much for two days) 
4. mom woke me up at 8 a.m. thinking i overslept--i didn't have to go to class until 10~ there's 5 minutes gone of sleep >.<'
5. i have to study
6. i don't want to study
7. i have no choice...
8. i still think that our lunch is very short~ 40 minutes? wtf?
9. *sighs* just one more day and its over...
10. i'm bored and i need sleep -__-;;;


Jun. 11th, 2008 03:08 pm
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I finally have electricity after it went out last night. *sighs* as if it wasn't bad enough that it as 90 degrees, the power had to go out because of a storm. i thought that it was an all city blackout, but nope, it was just downtown <.<;; i honestly don't know how i fell asleep in that heat~~and here i thought that they would cancel classes...not. our HS is uptown so there was still power~and i dragged my ass out of bed and went to school. yays -__-;;; 

well, another day of finals is over, eh~ this day was easy since we had gym first, but when we went to English *head on table* i swear, my brain was blank of nine months worth of reading~i didn't remember squat and i jst sat there staring at the paper thinking "Huh? Wha? The last of the what? what was the dude's name in the Crusible?" i swear i BSed the final prompt (#4) i just couldn't think of anything *head on table* but that's it! Honor English 2 is O-V-E-R! 

^__^ ah, tomorrow i don't have to show up until 10, since its going to be the 5th period exams and that's my lunch hour~an extra hour of sleep~good.

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The list~ you know the drill by now ^^;;; 

1. I detest the composers who wrote up the theme music to Indiana Jones and Superman >.<""" BURN!
2. Stupidly i'm playing 1st clarient for the Indy theme song (look at #1) and I. CAN'T. GET. IT.!  *head on table* stupid triplets...
3. Vee-san and i TOTALLY different tastes in music o.O her style is  very...very...ghetto? o__O"  
4.  I have never heard the songs she likes~ 
5. I almost passed out~~hating the 100 degree weather....
6. Got assulted, embraced, air squeezed out of, jumped on, almost got tripped over, Hugged by the Stripper today~~twice in a span of 15 minutes DD-chan, STOP LAUGHING AT THIS! 
7. one day down~ four more days of Finals to go

~~I'm sure there's more...but i'm too tired to think of anything--i was a very boring day <_<'""

what a day

May. 28th, 2008 03:17 pm
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I NEED A NAP! *yawns* i didn't think that i would be exhausted, but i survived day #1 of multi-arts, *sighs* i really don't want to think about the paper that i have to hand in tomorrow-so i won't~ 
Okay...most of the day was a blur, but all i know is that i was  being STRANGLED by the collar of the dress shirt and THE TIE! i swear, i couldn't breathe, i was tugging at it every two seconds <_<"" but since we were the one of the last groups to perform, i ditched the tie until it was our time on stage (tomorrow unfortunatly I won't be so lucky~~the main performers will be from our school--so i can't ditch the tie) 
Let me say that i am SO GLAD FOR STAGE LIGHTS! they blinded me enough so that i couldn't see the audience~believe me i was nervous ^__^;;; but like they say, deep breaths~ 
*bangs head on table* my parents couldn't stop "aww-ing" when they saw me this afternoon with the uniform (i sneaked left early in the morning) they liked the whole "formal wear" thing and thought the tie was so adorable >__<""" WTF??? are they high?!?! and to make it even lovelier, mother dearest said i looked short. How in the hell could i look short?! I blame the vest. 

^______^ i think i'll go take a nap before i start my Bio paper.

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if you know anyone who knows how to piss off time any better then i can, please point them out *sighs* sadly, the arrival of my birthday is 2 days away, uh, wee? neh, i should sound more excited, but the fact that i'm getting old (although my parents roll their eyes when i say this-screw them!) isn't something that's making me jump for joy *shrug* my brain hasn't grasped the concept that spring break will end in 5 days yet, thats sucks. today has been rather bleh, getting an occasional laugh from a crack fic (is still trying to get over the OMG-ness of the father seishirou fic from yesterday .__.)  but other then that, nada~  

edit: uhm, i made pancakes (yes i know its 7 p.m.!) does that count as doing something? :/


Apr. 3rd, 2008 03:42 pm
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i guess its obvious, i'm in a rut. i'm dead and i can bearly stay awake in any class--not even in lunch, coffee doesn't help squat! but i don't know what's wrong, its been a week of this hell and i'm getting sick of it, I'M BEING NOT FUN! I SUCK TO BE AROUND WITH! *sighs* Sick! and Sleep! deprived Li-chan is no fun, she should be isolated from others from becoming just as dead brained as she is--and i'm not kidding. i swear if it wouldn't had been for M singing cheesy love songs to me (and a little bit of 80's pop XD) i think i would had been plastered to the floor. *sighs* anyways, umh? i will so laugh if i end up getting a A+ on my history test, if i do then i don't think i deserve it, i mean, i didn't pay attention at all  i feel asleep for most of the time--just browsed through the chapters and it pretty much stuck...i hope. but *laughs* at least i didn't put half-assed answers like Vee-san did, who put the reason why Pres. Polk started the Mex. War was b'cuz he moved Mexico's boarder from Nueces River to Mexico river  excuse me while i laugh: XXDDDDDDDDDDDD BENS MUST HAD REPEATED THE WORDS "RIO GRANDE" AT LEAST 10 TIMES AND EVEN I GOT IT! and i was almost comatose....but i couldn't stop laughing and Vee-san got pissy, well, it serves her right--& she'd forgotten about it anyway :D but still pfft! 

now, off to study for my BIo test tomorrow Moby DIck can go screw itself! *looks at tiles of study sheets* neh~h maybe at 5:30....IT NAP TIME FOR LI-CHAN! :D

EDIT: i should had been sleeping...NOT! *sighs* oh wells, and OMG vee-san's joke made sense! lols, i so have to tell her! she'll <3 to hear it XD


Mar. 9th, 2008 06:35 pm
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 i just came back from buy groceries with my mom, i swear if i hadn't been listening to my mp3 i would fallen asleep on my feet while my mother debated whether to buy red peppers or green peppers. today i just feel so blah....i'm always tired, even i've slept 9 hours i still wish that i could be glued to my bed! but i can't sleep now, i have my spanish paper and my journalisim paper due tomorrow--it maybe daylight outside but that doesn't mean that it isn't getting late--stupid daylights saving shit just screwed everone over! (i just realized that i'm in a total hissy-fit mode....*ughghhg*) i wish that by some chance there could be a freak blizzard ro something *hah* while i'm at it i might as well wish for fish to fly....*eye roll* i just feel so annoyed right now, thank ___ that i'm alone in my room right now--the only way this hissy-fit can subdue is just by being alone--i'm usually back to normal in a bit. but right now--i'm really going to hate tomorrow---now off to remember what the topic for my spanish paper was cuz i have no idea what i have to write about *wonders if Li-chan can get her mom to write it for her XXDDD* then to write another paper to honor a dead guy *sigh* stupid hall of fame  

EDIT#1: (three hours later) please disregard the bitch fest i posted above---i feel better now =D somehow hunting for KamuixFumma icons/wallpaper always makes me feel chipper XXDDD


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