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for three weeks i've been dead bored at work, answering phones and whatever~

but today. OHOHOHOHO today was the day!

I picked the phone like always,

Me: Good afternoon, Union city Adult, how can i help you?
Caller: I want to make an appointment
Me: Okay, but there aren't any appointments until September
Caller: but i need to make an appointment for an exam
Me: Exam?
Caller: yes, i need an exam for my colon
Me: *pause* *blinks* *pause* Excuse me? 
Caller: Yes,  i need to make an appointment for a colon examination
Me: *pause* *mouthing words* *blinks* Uhm....
Caller: *dead pause*
Me: *smothering laugh* Uh....you have the wrong number---this is an education office. We make appointments here to sign up for English and Civ---hello?
Caller: *had hung up before i could finish* *dial tone*

now, you can just imagine the look on my face during that conversation---i thought it might had been a prank call, but it sounded like an old woman~and i highly doubt she would make a crack call about her colon

Colon exam~~not exactly the way i wanted to remember my first summer job ^//////^
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work today was....bleh~ the classes are going to be over soon---I have no idea if when my last day is going to be. but for the mean time, its just...bleh. you know working in an office has taught me something I WILL NEVER CHOOSE AN OFFICE BASED CAREER <__<;;; seriously, i don't need to do that for a lifetime. anyways, since it was basically dead, I caught up on my politics and read all of the political artices in the Time magazine that was laying there on the counter. O__O;;; yeah, since when am i interested in politics but neh~it killed the time. So far i'm half way through this essay on Mark Twain----Hmm...should start reading more Times. ^_^

I cooked dinner (no don't laugh!) because well, no one else was going to do it. My dad asked me if i was on something and/or i was coming down with something because he found the concept of me willingly going near a stove hysterical *rollseyes* what? do i need to be high or something to cook? wtf dad?

Oh btw, I think i maybe an aunt. still don't know much of the details, but apparently i'm going to be an auntie ;___; i'm too young to be called 'Aunt" 

ooh and we got a post-card from my cousin who's doing a semester in France ^_^;; nice to hear from family once in a while right?


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