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It was one of those rare days that never happen anymore, but i'm so glad that it happen today. This morning my parents acted like they actually liked each other and got along *gasp* that hasn't happen for a while, seriously, no bickering, no silent treatments, no yelling---just....good. Not even my dad ranted when the bus was half-hour late to Secaucus O__O and he hadn't even had lunch and and he was still in a good mood. wow. 
So we had lunch, laughed and had a normal conversation and my mom squeed every time she remembered my sister is going to have a baby---she can't wait to be a grandmother and spoil that darn kid. 
Then we went shopping (and dad AGAIN willingly came along)  *sighs* remind me never to make a bet with my dad, because A) he never forgets and B) i had to open my big mouth. 

Dad, you're awesome---but really, i'm not five years old anymore and you can't buy me what you think will look "in-style" anymore. Don't you know that by now you should just give me the money so i can just buy myself what i want? *sighs* Dad bought me a pair of Converse. Didn't i tell myself that would never ever wear those shoes? but Dad saw that everyone has those shoes, so natuarally he thought i'd want a pair. <_____<;;; Vee-san will laugh her ass off when i tell her that i have a pair of Converse. she knows my repeated dislike for them but what can i do? not wear them? right, then dad won't buy me anything out of his own self will again (he rarely gives gifts) so......i'll have to suck it up and wear them.

...Gawd help me.


Now......i'll push myself to finish reading "S.A.R." only 3 chapters left! i will! ^__________^  

I haven't felt this good in a while~~i better take advantage of it

No life~

Jun. 21st, 2008 08:51 pm
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♠ Considering throwing out some old books I have--because honestly~that's not me anymore

♠ Actually cleaned. Yes, I cleaned o.O;; *and is tempted to wash dishes* holy shit I think the sky is falling XD

♠ spend half a chunk of my day reading filth online~that's shocking how? XD

♠ I'm reading CCS (skimmed through it the first time) and I can't help but laugh~CLAMP has a thing for age-differences don't they? XD

♠ I have a feeling this summer is going to pass quickly

♠ I'm sure on either Weds. or Thursday mom will be struck with her "mom/daughter" bonding time and drag me to the mall <_<

♠  I have no brain

***Why do I have the feeling that I'm not even bothering to write in full paragraphs anymore? Am I that lazy (don't answer) ^_^;;; 

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Hi all ! so i'll try to make the most of the two days of vacation that i have left--doing nothing for the past five days--loved it 8DDDD--- I guess a plus side to  the snow storm that hit on Thursday was that classes were canceled at UMDNJ, so yeahs  XD i did have to go--that's good enough i needed a break. So not much to post, just that the sweet life is gonna end soon and back to school and books 8D ~~~~~ oh well~lls hopefully on monday i don't fall asleep in my Bio class--it has been a week and i think i've forgotten what an amino acid is o///O""  


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